Our Mission

The ability of scientists to communicate is central to the scientific enterprise. As early career PhD students, we here at BioScope want to broadcast the graduate school experience to a wide audience. BioScope is comprised of graduate students from the University of California – Davis College of Biological Sciences. Contributors to BioScope have a diverse set of backgrounds, at different stages in their training, and all have a passion for science communication and writing. Articles will cover an array of topics, from advice on graduate school to prospective students, reporting on new scientific developments, synthesizing scientific ideas for the broader public, and building a community to support current students.

The name BioScope comes from the biological sciences backgrounds from the initial members of the site, and our collective passion for a deep inspection of issues facing graduate studies, of biological research, and the relationship between science and the public. It is our commitment to produce thoughtful content, helping us improve our communication skills. For more information about the BMCDB and graduate groups at UC Davis, navigate here and here!

We are always welcome to comments and concerns. You can directly contact BioScope through our email: ucdbioscope@gmail.com.