Would you like to supplement what you’ve learned in a previous course or a legitimate way to expand your expertise? Check out these nifty online resources sure to assist you in your academic and professional endeavors.


Coursera is an online learning platform brimming with educational opportunities. Browse through thousands of free online courses from a plethora of disciplines taught by reputable professors from distinguished universities and companies. Through Coursera, you can even obtain certificates and degrees proven to increase salaries and marketability, although these features require payment. Fear not, as payment for these features is very affordable. If money is still an issue, you can try applying for financial aid and scholarships offered through the platform itself.


If you’ve taken a computer programming or data science class but were left unsatisfied with your handle on the subject, consider signing up for a workshop organized by The Carpentries project. The Carpentries is a non-profit, community initiative based in California that strives to provide dependable and consistent fundamental computational and data science skills globally using evidence-based teaching practices.


If you can’t afford to pay for a Carpentries workshop, that’s okay; the UC Davis students, faculty, and staff of the College of Biological Sciences have you covered. They’ve graciously compiled these Interdisciplinary Tutorial Resources for those in need of some additional guidance in the areas of R/Rstudio, Python, Statistics, Machine Learning/AI, Genomics, and Light and Electron Microscopy.


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Resource suggestions made by: Yulong Liu, Ellen Osborn, and Sydney Wyatt


Edited by: Yulong Liu and Sydney Wyatt