Like most (if not all) of us here at Bioscope, you may be struggling with how to remain productive while doing primarily everything in isolation. You may have even found yourself attending classes, working from home, and watching Netflix, all from the same, sunken, spot on your bed more times than you’re pleased to admit. Although this may have worked for the first few months of quarantine, by now you’ve probably noticed how unsustainable this habit really is. 

In the Youtube video “Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You,” CGP Grey illustrates how living in such a disorganized, unstructured manner undermines our ability to maintain our individual “spaceships” by impairing our mental and physical well-being necessary for its operation. Learn the simple, though effective ways of keeping your sanity and maximizing your productivity when operating in a finite area by making the most of your space and blocking out areas to work, sleep, exercise, and couch (apparently couch is now a verb).

I truly believe these techniques are helpful no matter how small your functional area and regardless of our current coronavirus pandemic. I hope you think so too.


May your thirst for knowledge never be quenched, friends,



Resource suggestion made by: Yulong Liu

Edited by: Yulong Liu and Keith Fraga