Do you have a Twitter? Do you use Twitter to communicate and promote your science? In the past couple of years, Twitter has developed into the preferred social media platform for scientists to communicate their science to a broader audience. You may have heard of this already and even noticed that your favorite conference now has an official hashtag. However, it can be daunting for many people to make the leap into the Twitter-verse. That includes me. This blog article was co-authored by a UCD graduate student and contributor for Forbes, Priya Shukla(@priyology), is a great beginner guide for scientists who want to start their own Twitter. It also contains many useful tips and suggestions tailored for scientists to get you up running in no time. As the article suggests, communicating your science to a broader audience can help you become more well known in your field and even may help you to find your next job.

-Yulong Liu 


Edited by Keith Fraga

This article was originally introduced to me from the FUTURE program’s course. The FUTURE program is a career exploration/preparation course that I highly recommend everyone to take. Here is their website if you are interested  .   


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